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Serve great tasting water from stylish dispensers in elegant reusable bottles

eceau – water bottling systems

water bottling systems

At Eceau (ee-koh) we pride ourselves on supplying water bottling systems that provide great tasting, purified , still, chilled and sparkling water.  It makes total ecological sense, improves your sustainable drive and  replaces the need for bottled table water.


best water bottling systems solutions

We will establish your requirements and advise you on the best solution suited to your business.   Our great tasting pure water can be served to your guests, clients or staff from one of our designer re usable glass bottles.

We recognise that everyone needs to reduce the negative environmental impact of bottled water without compromising style, quality of water or cost.

Make the change with Eceau – today.

nine reasons to go eceau

  • No more ordering, deliveries, storing bulky water bottles
  • Releases chiller space
  • Still, chilled and sparkling pure water on demand – never run out, guaranteed
  • Huge saving costs against bottled water
  • No bottle waste or recycling charges
  • Energy save mode – saves 75% when not in use
  • Elegant, designer re-usable glass bottles
  • Great tasting pure water  – also helping the planet
  • Supports your sustainability drive and CSR commitment

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At Eceau, our systems provide up to 99% pure water – purer than any bottled water – and they do it producing 97% less carbon. Learn More